Ankur Pathan, Choreographer and Creative Director, began his professional journey in 1992 performing for folk group dances. Ambitious and focused, he easily transitioned from the role of dancer to a choreographer and soon gained widespread success for his impeccable choreography.

Graceful, Precise and Fluid – Ankur Pathan’s choreography settles in the dichotomies. He feels dance is a medium that reflects human emotion, and aims to create experiences that spectators understand, and relate to. Today, his creative skills and versatility facilitate him to produce and design diverse Road shows, Multimedia spectacles, Stage performances, Cinematic songs, Fusion dance and Music performances.

Ankur has been fortunate to perform and work extensively on not just his home ground, but also international grounds. Awards and accolades soon came following when his sense of individuality towards dance came to the limelight. From the Asia Book of Records to Guinness world records – there have been no dearth of recognitions. He was bestowed with USTAD BISMILLAH KHAN YUVA KALAKAR PURASKAR’, a National Award by Sangeet- Natak Academy (Delhi), under the folk art category.

Umiya Mata

White Ranna

Khelo India

Make in India

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