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In any mass dance event, we take extra commitments to dance. We add a special kind of jest and enjoyment in dance. Within the performances, teamwork is ingrained in each dancer, a part of their pulse. Our group dancers know exactly what entertains the crowd and keeps them going. As a dynamic group of performers, they have showcased their talent at various events and we have established a name for ourselves through our superlative performances. Our dancers put forth our highest effort for the best possible result, and connect with the strings of your heart.

This is one of our rather most exciting and effective offering. Our human designs garner attention with the emotions they stir. Before heading into the intricacies of the designs, we learn about the dynamics of the event and provide a spectacular representation with results that are simply mind boggling. We are obsessed with symmetry and firmly believe any work, done by a team or on mass level with full dedication and determination, is the guaranty of big success. There is no dearth of creativity and each of our formations is a true display of superior performance.

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We know what it takes to accommodate a large group of dancers and make them move together seamlessly to create moments of spectacular unison.

Khelo India
Khelo India
Swarnim Gujarat
Swarnim Gujarat


What to Expect from Ankur Pathan

Impressive Creativity

Creativity is at the very heart of everything he does. He knows what it takes to translate mere thoughts into exquisite and scintillating performances

Nuanced Innovation

His willingness to experiment with new ideas, latest tech and artistic ability, ensure that every event has a unique element to stand apart

Unbeatable Perfection

He believes in perfection for everything he does, even if it calls for long, tedious hours of rehearsing to get every move and formation right

Unwavering Professionalism

He believes in maintaining utmost professionalism and discipline to bring out his best version along with the ones who work with him

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Join me in this mission dedicated to encouraging you in the art of beauty and dance. I have a rich history of providing impeccable choreography and invite you to learn more about our full professional services

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